Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whose world is it anyways?

I heard "I don't have time for this in my world right now" this morning.  The words have been ringing through my head all day.  Whose world is it anyways?  Who is to say how we should live our lives and view the world?

Rambo on the clock, Percy Priest lake, TN.
This is Meava (left) and Berretta (right) the official trail dogs that have been MIA for the past month or so.  If you see them approach with caution because they will lick you to death.
Biker gang outside of Hot Springs, NC on US 25/70 halfway between town and the Appalacian trail.
Mining (special) ops, mountains of NC.
Shaggy, D-town TN.
Alex Magallan, tight places, Nashville, TN.
Nashville, road construction crew across from city hall.
El toro loco, Long Hollow Pike, TN.
Alex again with a wallride to gap to sidewalk, Nashville TN.
Service with a smile?  Not for these guys.  Jap Josh and Luke T Lord.  Rock Hill, SC.
Classic Dingle in classic Dingle form.  Guido life, Moose compound, NC.
Jap Josh, berm rider to lip slider.  Skills.
That Carolina (red bone) clay sure doesn't take too kindly to all that freezing and thawing non-sense.
Rambo use to chew on these cedar trees at the top of the hill at my old trails all day.  The nose knows.
Another glimse of Tom's bowl in NC.
One of Tom's many metal sculptures.
Beavis, fuf the backrail, twin towers, Greenville, SC.
I may or may not have been under the influence of some mushrooms when I took this picture at the Rodeway Inn near Versailles, KY.
I sure do miss the Dakota, and the burnouts that came with her.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bark at the moon.


"ain't no damn dam gonna keep me from fishin."

Deebo lives in Bowling Green.

Alex Magallan is a pro photographer also.

Newport Ten-a-key, right down the street from where I got t-boned.
Pro fisherman as well.
Chad Wade claims he "will hit me up" but when I reminded him of him blocking my phone number.
Plus 1.
Myrtle beach, SC.
It's all about the nosedive, picture by Rico.
Indiangiverland + ONE.
Tom's bowl, NC.
Big Allison creek, SC.
Bark at the moon.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Heavy petting?

2 posts in one day?  Don't get use to it.

NC welcome center on I-26.

Alex Magallan, home turf, Nashville, TN.

Shelby Street bridge and the Cumberland river, downtown Nashville.

Barred owl, Belle Meade, TN.

Jap Josh 360.

Carolina red and Kentucky fescue.


Brad Starry, K-town NC.

Luke T. Lord, classic form.  ONE, SC.

Catawba river, Rock Hill, SC.

Fire at Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC.

Ladder truck at the Winthrop fire.


Rambo watching over the trails.


Rock Hill Printing and Finishing company.  Rock Hill, SC.