Saturday, November 27, 2010


Weather has took a turn for the chillier as of late.  I'm going to be getting some coveralls asap.

Early morning fisherman casting off in Old Hickory lake in Hendersonville, TN.

Mickey and his prized rabbit.

T Fred with a long ramp to ramp hop down the street from Tent City (a large homeless camp) in Nashville.
Insulation will make you itch from head to toe.  My first job was as a heating and a/c helper and my boss told me to take the hottest shower I could stand to stop itching after a long day of work in an attic.  So now I tell people the same thing so they can itch even worse than before the shower.
Cigarette anyone?
Fork you.

I wish I would've got a picture of the gas station attendants face when they saw T Fred walking up to Andrew's car with a hammer in his hand.


  1. the first pic is awesome! you should summit it to a wildlife or hunting magazine

  2. I'm seriously thinking about it, I have another one that's similar but better that I'm holding as my ace up my sleeve.