Monday, August 20, 2012

sunshine smiles and the boys

We had a heavy session out at the trails this weekend.  Here's a few pictures from the festivities. 
I was really hyped to see JC make it through the main line his first day out riding.  

David Romero putting those skateboard skills to use.  Stomping fires out mid train and keeping it moving down the line.

Romero broke out the 450 this weekend and wasn't scared to use it.  

T Fred is on a strict healing process from his latest hit to the face.  Drinking beers via straws.

logo placement

T Fred

My timing wasn't really doing these tabe 270s by Alex Magallan justice.

T Fred with his best Groundchuck impression.

I even put the camera down long enough to lay down a couple runs through the roller line.  Photo by T Fred.

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