Sunday, November 25, 2012

great white bite

Rambo got into a scuffle a couple weeks back.  He's healing up quite nicely considering how gnarly the wounds were.  I was planning on taking him to the vet the day after since the bleeding stopped after a few minutes but, he had other ideas.  He proceeded to run off the next morning.  A dog wandering around in the Applegate valley hurt is far from an ideal situation.  He showed back up in the early morning hours the following day and I finally got him into the vet.  At this point he's still limping around on 3 legs religiously.  I get him into the vet, he gets some antibiodics since it can't be stitched up thanks to him running off and not getting him in there in the first 24 hours.  We walk out and he's on all 4s.  He's back to normal now a short time later, making up for lost time.

shark bite country

Greenlake, home of city recognized trails and now a amazing skatepark.
going loko

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