Monday, January 3, 2011


It's nice to get off the beaten path of the interstates on trips and take the scenic route.  Just as long as you don't get t-boned while going through an intersection when the red light was out your way.

Newport, TN a couple of blocks from the imfamous t-boning.

Speaking of off the beaten path, or off the map I present you with Chad Wade.

Chad Wade doesn't like alot of things.  I included a short list below of things he doesn't like.  Feel free to contribute in the comments.

- When you call him sweatervest.
- Wrestling with Donnie.
- Nor Cal.
- Crop circle shaving patterns.
- His "friends".
- Unblocking my phone number.
- Keeping in touch with his buds.
- Sun and Ski sports.
- Letting me and T Fred into Bonnaroo.
- Answering his phone.
- Returning the million calls that you called him with.
- Me.
T Fred's list:
- Brake levers to the leg.
- Sharing his drugs.
- Thinking for himself.

Chad Wadested.

If seen approach with caution.  He will probably unleash a fury of "your mom" jokes or other assorted Mount Juliet humor (bad).

There's a video dropping sometime today on here.  Stay tuned for more on that.

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