Monday, October 4, 2010

More scans

I've been shooting a bit of film here lately.  It's always nice to have to think about what you are shooting as opposed to shooting first and thinking after you've clicked the shutter.

SC highway 5 off of I-85 in Blacksburg, SC.

Self portrait, Marshall park, Charlotte, NC.

Tom's bowl looking up from the deep end, somewhere, NC.

Two way freak, Charlotte, NC.

Lizard soaking up the rain.

Somewhere near Swannanoa, NC after a summer rain.

Dingle, rail bombin in Statesville, NC.

Catawba river in the fall, outside of Rock Hill, SC.

Cumberland river, TN.

Alex Magallan, Sixth Ave, Nashville TN.

Blue Ridge parkway outside of Asheville, NC.
Double exposures of the train yard off of Dave Lyle Blvd, in Rock Hill, SC.
Beaverdawg, Moose compound, NC.
BB&T building and parking garage off of College Ave, Charlotte, NC.
While this photo may look staged I assure you it's exactly as I found it.  Run down convenience store outside of Blacksburg, SC.
Self shot triple exposure, Nashville, TN.
5 o'clock shadows set in at the old mill in Rock Hill, SC.
Stray Basset hound at the Percy Priest lake, TN.
Stones river, TN.
Rambo's brother striking a pose in my parents backyard.
Catawba river in the fall, Rock Hill, SC.
Gangsters are not the smartest individuals, obviously not a gto.  The mill, Rock Hill, SC.

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