Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Small world

There are certain things that put into perspective just how small we are in this world.  Standing in the middle of the woods for example.  I went exploring in some woods yesterday and ended up stumbling upon a old spot that I built some dubs at years ago.  Funny how those things work sometimes.

In other news I'm pretty sure my elbow is broke, I can feel a piece of bone floating around in there.  Not too stoked on that.

Louisville (slugger) loc-dawg.
Breakfast of champions, pic by T Fred.
Give way there's a new man in town.
That's definately not him.
Whoever thought Boston was a city in Massachusets was sadly mistaken, it's been hiding in the woods of Kentucky all along.
Sexy eyes.
Opry Mills, opening never.  At least Bass Pro opened back up.
Maze of tower cranes helping build the new Nashville convention center.
Across the river from Hot Springs, NC on us-25/70
This picture is an accurate representation of what my vision was like on the 4th of July this year.
West Nashville is a strange place. No wonder they chose it to film Gummo in.  The locals there will even whisper to you that "they're a bunch of inbreeds round here".
Shelby street pedestrian bridge and the Cumberland river.  Nashville, TN.
The view from where I spent the first few months working when I moved back to Nashville.
While the BP oil spill was taking place Sam's jeep was blowing up on I-65.  Happy 4-20.

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