Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've really been missin my old trails back in SC here lately.  Downhill, effortless, red as hell, sticky green grass errywhere, two gas stations within a 5 minute bike ride to get beer, a Burger King to cure the munchies... and a good crew. 
Seamus (tuckin) Beav (grip give awayer) and Whiteneck (270 berm carvin).
Friendly warning.
Chuk showin his ass and dodging flying Busch cans.
Dingle with Seamus in tow.
Jap Josh with some of the best 3s you'll ever see or not see.

Early days.

Blood water.
This picture made it into DIG bmx and of course they blew the caption.
Mudder butter.
Bike/dog chek.
To some this may just be clay, but to others it's something you can mold and shape into a ear to ear smile producing device.  It is what you make it.

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